Initial posting of source code

Dec 29, 2007 at 4:18 AM
The initial source code posted just has the basic solution structure and 2 projects. One with the Library source code and one with a simple Windows form application so that use of the library can be demonstrated. The only useful function is ExportSchema that allows you to export the database's schema information to a text file that can be imported into Excel for viewing. The Library makes the schema information available as generic collections of simple structures (struct), so the schema could easily be exported in any other format once generated.

This source code is just a start and certainly is not full complete, even for schema representation.

A few ground rules - any project members are free to discuss the code but please keep it friendly and constructive; no profanity or flaming the work of others. Everyone has different skill and experience levels in development procedures and the .Net framework and we need to be understanding and remain focused on the goal - working collaboratively to produce the best general VistaDB utility class that we can.

VistaDB Software Inc. was informed of this Codeplex project prior to its release and while they do not endorse or actively participate in the project, we do have their blessing to create and maintain this library as long as this project does not publish any of their proprietary assemblies.

Welcome to the VistaDB Code Library.