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Project Description

A C#.Net source-code class library of methods to facilitate the use of the latest version of VistaDB in your custom applications. Note that the VistaDB engine assembly is a licensed component and will not be distributed with this project. The project assumes the .Net framework version 3.5 or later. The goal is for interested developers utilizing the .Net version of VistaDB to share application-independent methods within a single library that can be linked into both non-commercial and commercial applications to facilitate the easy use of VistaDB.

If you develop software using VistaDB version 3.2 or later, please consider joining this project. The more developers the better!

VistaDB 3.2 is the world's first fully managed and typesafe embedded SQL database engine built for Microsoft .NET, Compact Framework and Mono. VistaDB is the lightweight alternative to SQL Server 2005. No need to install complex services with your application, xcopy deployment makes shipping VistaDB with your app simple!

Advantages include:
* Small < 1 MB footprint
* Truly embedded ZeroClick™
* More deployment options - Run queries from a DVD-ROM located database.
* C# architecture.
* Microsoft SQL Server 2005 compatible data types and T-SQL syntax
* Visual Studio 2005 /2008 integration using Server Explorer
* None of the SQL CE limits
* Fully managed ADO.NET 2 provider or Direct Data Access (DDA)
* Single user, multi user local or using shared network, and in memory database support. Partially trusted shared hosting.
* SQL Views, CLR Procs, CLR Triggers, 64 bit native runtime support.
* Royalty-free distribution.
* No installer process required on users machines.
* TSQL Procs promised in Version 3.3.

See: for more information.

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